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  • October 17, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Beltagy: FJP Supports Democratic Alliance Despite Defections

Beltagy: FJP Supports Democratic Alliance Despite Defections

 Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Executive Office of the "Freedom and Justice" party (FJP), and a member of the Democratic Alliance’s Elections Coordination Committee, asserted that the FJP has not and will not seek control of the Alliance’s electoral lists, as has been rumoured recently, but continues its consultations with the aim of finding a general consensus that reflects and represents Egypt after the revolution.

In an exclusive statement to IkhwanWeb, Dr. Beltagy pointed out that: “Candidates from parties such as al-Ghad, Karama, Hadara and Eslah & Nahda, as well as individual public figures, are placed at the very top of the Democratic Alliance lists and do precede figures and representatives of the FJP in a number of governorates”.

Dr. Beltagy revealed that the Democratic Alliance is nominating a wide range of national public figures for the elections, including Hamdi Sabahi, Ayman Nour, Saad Aboud, Wahid Abdel Majid, Mohammed Said Idris, Mahmoud al-Khodeiri and Amin Iskandar.

IkhwanWeb also learned that Dr. Amr Hamzawy (the renowned academic Professor and political activist) and Gamila Ismail (the famous politician) are nominated as independent candidates, and that the FJP is not nominating any candidates in these constituencies, but will indeed support them through the Alliance.