Beltagy: Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Harmonious, Consensual Alliances

Beltagy: Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Harmonious, Consensual Alliances

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Secretary in Cairo, said that the people approved, with a clear majority, a document essential to state institutions, namely the Constitution. He added that this will again be repeated in the selection of the government, through forthcoming parliamentary elections, through the votes of Egyptians. Thus, the government will be formed by popular will.

In statements Friday, Dr. Beltagy added, "The FJP supports any serious national dialogue in the interest of the Egyptian people. We reject any party making pre-conditions in order to attend dialogue sessions. Those who love this homeland, must sit at the table of dialogue."

Asked about some opposition parties boycotting upcoming parliamentary elections, Beltagy said: "Those who now boycott parliamentary elections did contest and lose the confidence of the masses several times before, due to their political stances, whether in elections of the People’s Assembly, the Shura Council, the March 19 constitutional referendum or the recent constitutional referendum.

"The only way to win the people is to work, with each and every one doing his political role to the homeland. Unfortunately, they contest elections and reject the results when they lose. Meanwhile, we deal with all patriotic parties. Our alliances need not be with partners through proportional lists. Coalition could be within the People’s Assembly to form a government."

Dr. Beltagy stressed that the party allied with patriotic partners who are harmonious and compatible, not disparate and contradictory, "We have already seen the model of wayward partners, who get into an alliance and then stop in the middle of the road, refusing to complete the march."

With regard to rumors that the group’s and the FJP’s popularity in the street plummeted, Dr. Beltagy said: "If that is true, this many voices will go to other parties, and the ballot box will favor them."