Beltagy: Opposition Rejects Rules of Democracy

Beltagy: Opposition Rejects Rules of Democracy

 Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Secretary in Cairo, affirmed that there was, at a certain point in the past, an attempt by the military council (SCAF) to share ruling power with Egypt’s new president, pointing that this is what the so-called National Salvation Front (NSF) seeks by demanding the appointment of a new Prime Minister from the opposition with powers set in the Constitution as equivalent to those of the President.

Beltagy urged widening of the circle of national partnership in both the Cabinet and local councils as well as all other positions of power in Egypt, in the hope that this extended partnership helps push Egypt forward.

"I welcome application of all international standards of supervision and control to ensure the integrity of parliamentary elections, with safeguards in place to guarantee the success of so doing.

"The political arena is now divided between two parties – the first accepts democracy and the people as the ultimate arbitrator, through the ballot box, while the other rejects the elected president, parliament, constitution and all the rules of the democratic electoral process."

Dr. Beltagy stressed that many of those who have signed Al-Azhar document to renounce violence called their supporters that same evening to descend onto Itehadia Presidential Palace to ‘topple the President’. Beltagy further demanded that there should be a national conscience front comprising figures from across the political spectrum to correct the path of the national movement.

"It was agreed a committee would set controls for national dialogue, then the NSF withdrew."

Dr. Beltagy added: "Certainly, there is no problem in amending articles of the election law.

"Opposition parties have a real opportunity to achieve their demands, if they win a majority in the next House of Representatives."