• February 25, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Beltagy: Opposition Spurns Democratic Process, Makes Farcical Demand to Postpone Elections

Beltagy: Opposition Spurns Democratic Process, Makes Farcical Demand to Postpone Elections

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Bureau, described opposition demands to postpone parliamentary elections as a satirical comedy, stressing that those same parties were vociferously demanding early presidential elections not so long ago.

In an interview with satellite TV channel ‘Al-Jazeera Live – Egypt’, Dr. Beltagy said: "When opposition demands are met through democratic process and constitutional procedures, opposition parties still object and protest.

"Truth of the matter is: the opposition has failed to gain popular support, on the ground, for its demands or its cause. It therefore resorts to exploiting the needs of some community groups – the needy and street children, even thugs – like mercenaries they pay to commit acts of violence, in order to pressure the regime to achieve their absurd demands."

Dr. Beltagy further added, "There is no justification for the opposition’s demand of a new government. In fact, the government no longer has any authority over elections. Those times are forever gone, now. Even the previous elections, held under the transitional rule of the Military Council, were conducted under full supervision of Egypt’s judiciary. Neither the police, nor the government, interfered in any events relating to these elections".

Dr. Beltagy pointed that persistent, deliberate media focus on fabricated fables and contrived cases contributed in fueling the climate of violence in the street. As an example, he mentioned investigations proved that Hamada Saber undressed himself outside Itehadia Presidential Palace.

The FJP leader said investigations also proved that Mohamed Al-Gendi, member of the Popular Current, never actually left Tahrir Square, nor Abdel-Moneim Riyadh Square, which confirms that he was never tortured in any Central Security camp in the Gabal Al-Ahmar district – away from both squares – as claimed by certain media outlets.