Beltagy: Shafiq’s Attempt to Cast Muslim Brothers as Murderers of Demonstrators Laughable

Beltagy: Shafiq’s Attempt to Cast Muslim Brothers as Murderers of Demonstrators Laughable

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Executive Office and the party’s Secretary in Cairo, on Wednesday, submitted a complaint to Justice Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, Egypt’s Public Prosecutor, against Ahmed Shafiq, last prime minister of deposed Mubarak and current presidential candidate.

Beltagy is accusing Shafiq of lying, deception, dodging responsibility and making threats.

Dr. Beltagy said: “What General Shafiq has claimed about me during his interview on the satellite channel CBC, two days ago, is a new crime added to his record. I affirm, here, that Shafiq will be tried and punished inevitably, soon, by free and fair judiciary. I will continue to face up to his crimes and those behind him, at all costs.

“The formal complaint is against lies and fabrication of false tales – with regard to what Shafiq has claimed about me – and publishing of stories contrary to the truth to mislead public opinion concerning the events of ‘The Camel Battle’, as well as concealment and withholding of information from justice for a period of fifteen months, then using it now in the context of influencing public opinion for electoral interests.”

Beltagy added, “One day, the whole world laughed at the ridiculous suggestion of General Omar Suleiman that the Muslim Brotherhood were the ones who stormed prisons and police stations and freed thugs and criminals, and that the snipers who killed the Martyrs of the revolution were foreign elements of Hamas and Hezbollah!

“Now, it seems, after the acquittal of police commanders and officers and all senior aides of the Minister of Interior, these old guard institutions found that perhaps this silly joke can turn into feasible accusations and real trials where revolutionaries, especially Muslim Brothers, replace police commanders and officers accused of murder.”

Beltagy went on, saying: “That joke, launched by Omar Suleiman, has been picked up and repeated by TV presenter Tawfik Okasha, then carried over to parliament by a certain MP in the form of a threatening message which seems to indicate a dubious plan adopted by some authorities for the next phase.

“That same message was repeated yesterday by Shafiq, the Prime Minister of the ‘Camel Battle’ – the first person who should be held responsible for that murderous incident – together with the former Interior Minister who now leads his campaign on the basis of getting rid of all incriminating evidence of the former regime, whether political, financial or otherwise.”