• September 17, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Beltagy Family, Defense Campaign Reject Life Jail Sentence

Beltagy Family, Defense Campaign Reject Life Jail Sentence
The family of Dr Mohamed Beltagy (senior leader of both the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing – the Freedom and Justice Party), together with his defense campaign, issued the following statement, in which they condemn coup injustice evident in his latest politicized trial:

The sentence dealt out in the fabricated case known as the "Al-Bahr Al-Azam clashes" is an absurd and pointless plainly political decision issued by a court which is a real adversary of law and justice, and an adversary of the jailed defendants in this fabricated case.

This court which unjustly tried Dr Mohamed Beltagy, one of the symbols of the January 25 (2011) Revolution, together with 14 other symbols of honor and the homeland, reminds of the Inquisition and reeks of counter-revolution corruption. It issued its verdict and sentence without hearing the defense or the rest of the witnesses and evidence, and arrogantly refused to hear the report of the Technical Committee.

Dr Beltagy never left Rabaa Square from the beginning of the sit-in right to the end – which evidently means that all of the charges lined up against him were fabricated, and we do not recognize this verdict, the sentence or the court. Those verdicts and sentences will certainly be held against those who corrupt the law and smother justice; and will also be a badge of honor to these heroes who have endured all this falsehood and injustice, and persevered despite junta repression and terror.

Does the military regime imagine it will survive forever, so it hands out three life sentences to Dr Mohamed Beltagy in retaliation for his role in the Revolution?

Cairo – September 16, 2014