• October 13, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Beltagy Family Statement Slams Military Junta’s Vindictive Trial of Revolution

Beltagy Family Statement Slams Military Junta’s Vindictive Trial of Revolution
Post-coup Egypt’s state agencies put Dr Mohamed Beltagy and a number of Egyptian Revolution symbols on trial, charged with ridiculous trumped-up charges, in order to demonize the January Revolution, vindictively punish its symbols and terrorize Egyptians so they would give up their aim of completing their Revolution.

Therefore, the putschists appointed a  judge known for his position against the revolution, who acquitted criminals responsible for attacking and killing unarmed revolutionaries in the Battle of the Camels, to distract public opinion away from the anticipated acquittal of Mubarak and the case against the killing by police and thugs of Tahrir revolutionaries, where criminals will be acquitted and Revolution icons convicted, instead.

In the details of the farcical trial, forensic investigators said the lawyer (member of Mubarak’s defunct National Party), who instigated the case, never suffered any torture or injuries as claimed. Further, the prosecution tampered with the case’s CD evidence, destroying CD contents, just as it colluded in another case by destroying the Egyptian Museum camera recordings, in order to mislead the whole world about what everyone saw in the Battle of the Camels, when Interior Ministry police and thugs assaulted and killed Tahrir Square demonstrators who fought back, in self-defense, unarmed, with many falling dead and wounded.

Dr Mohamed Beltagy and other symbols of the Revolution were busy throughout the day when the alleged incident is supposed to have happened, talking to the revolutionaries from the main platform to urge them to persevere and remain steadfast, and helping move away the bodies of martyrs in Tahrir seen by the whole world.

However, the repressive military regime and its illegitimate judiciary made up the fabricated story to vindictively punish them and all those who participated in the January 25 Revolution and chanted against the Mubarak regime and military rule.

We reiterate that our cause is that of a homeland hijacked by a military coup and a popular will confiscated by a military regime that has appointed itself a guardian of the people. We will not compromise on our just cause. Military terror will not deter us from completing the march of the martyrs of the Revolution. The latest 15-year jail sentences dealt to symbols of the Revolution will be evidence of guilt against all those who falsify the truth and kill justice. Those same jail sentences will be a badge of honor for the heroes who have endured all of this falsehood and injustice and persevered despite the brutal repression and terror.

Our Revolution has already won symbolic victories, regained miles of lost awareness, and achieved partial successes on its way towards ultimate triumph, supported by the steadfastness of the revolutionary men and women of this great homeland in their continuing peaceful struggle. We pledge to God that we will sacrifice all in order to complete the January Revolution, restore its gains and never to give up the rights of the martyrs and detainees.

Dr Mohamed Beltagy’s family and his defense campaign