Best men in Egyptian jail

Best men in Egyptian jail

they are 40 men from different places, different ages and different work fields .Only their moderate islamic refrence rounded them to gether .All of them belong to Muslim Brotherhood which belong to the moderate islamic line with long amazing history in national ,developmental ,social and political workfields from 1928 till now.

But in Egypt only being a member of MB is enough to put you into the jail, that what happen to the 40 men we speak about them not only being in jail is the problem also transfering them to secert military courts instead of the civil onethis transfering to military court came after more than five provisions of release were given to them from civil courts ,so mubark”s governmet feel that the case is out of control. they decided to send the 40 men to military court where every thing would be under the control of Defense Minister becouse the judge of the military court is a military officer belong to The Ministry of Defense and must apply its minister or he will loss his jop.

in this military courts all Human Rights Activists was prevented from entry or attend the court also journalists can not enter or cover the events only family”s blogers cover it otherwise if we look to the 40 men we will see 40 of the best people in egypt we can speak about Dr.Prof. khaled oda the famoues international geologist he discovered about 1 million years from the age of the earthin his researches . Other one is Mr.Hassan Malek the great economist and Businessman in egypt and turky he was preparing to establish a huge turkish Furniture factory he got the Approval to built it from the secratery of industry Mr.Rasheed m. Rasheed days before he was jailed.The same case happened to him 1992 he was going to built computer factory but he was jailed for one year without any judgment the economists said that if hassan malek built this factory egypt now would be better than indea in programing feild.

There are also the engineer Khirat Elshater the Businessman and political strugeler for more than 30 years he was jailed in 1992 with hassan malek in the same case becouse they are parteners he jailed in 1995 for five years in other military court the charge was his political thoughts and being MB member he has alot of acadimic degrees in different feilds he called the Mobile human academy.

within the 40 men Dr.AbdEl-rahman soudi. his companies build alot of governmental buildings ,factories and hospitals.President mubark said about soudi that soudi”s companies helping to improve the economy of egypt .
now and after 34 meetings of the judgment the military judge coud not proof any charge from the charges leveled against them becouse its apolitical case and all charges were fabricated by police officers.
the mubark”s system do that with MB members becouse it know that MB is the best alternate of the present system and belive that MB have the great popularity in egypt
At the end and although the mubark”s attak on MB members they say on their believs and thoughtskhirat el shater the
said “what ever the system do with us ,our hope in allah is great ,our faith in allah never end

not only if they take our money ,or jailed us but if they take our souls .we will not stop,ran away or leave becouse we love this country and we will stay soldiers of it working to built it in our same moderate islamic line.