Beyond Chutzpah

Beyond Chutzpah

Israel is very much behaving like a whore who urges her town’s folks to erect a great memorial plaque to celebrate and glorify her chastity.


This week, some Zionist pundits both in Israel and North America have urged the Israeli government to boycott the Olympic Games in China to protest that country’s dismal human rights record.


These self-righteous Zionists claimed that a country that rose from the ashes from the holocaust shouldn’t have normal relations with a country that systematically violates human rights and civil liberties.


There is no doubt that China is a prominent violator of human rights (Is the US any better)!!! But the more important question in this context is really whether Israel, a state that has been murdering, enslaving and tormenting another people for the past sixty years, is in a position to lecture or criticize China or any other country on the subject of human rights.


One can argue with little exaggeration that Israel itself is a crime against humanity since its very creation in Palestine in 1948 entailed the extirpation and dispersion of 90% of Palestine’s indigenous inhabitants.


In fact, the systematic ethnic cleansing from Palestine-Israel of non-Jews, who constituted more than 80% of the total population, is still an ongoing process. Moreover, the nearly daily demolition of Palestinian homes in the Negev desert and the West Bank, along with the unceasing theft of Arab land, show that Israel is far worse than China with regard to observance of human rights and the rule of international law.


And while China does indulge in serious violations of human rights, especially in the Tibet region and against certain religious minorities, Israel routinely commits serious war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Palestinians and other peoples of the Middle East.


These crimes include, inter alia, deliberate and calculated murder of innocent civilians, blockading civilian population and denying it access to food and fuel and health care, bombing apartment buildings and crowded streets, vandalizing and ransacking civilian institutions such as orphanages, schools, hospitals and sports facilities and encouraging Nazi-like Jewish settlers to terrorize and murder Palestinian civilians for the purpose of driving them away from their land. 


Israel also has been burying nuclear wastes in the vicinity of Arab communities, such as in the southern Hebron region, which is causing a dramatic increase in the occurrence of cancer.


Two years ago, the Israeli air force dropped millions of cluster-bomblets on Lebanon, enough to kill millions of people.


In short, it is really very difficult to imagine a crime that Israel has not committed. True, Israel, unlike China, enjoys the benefit of world-wide hasbara (propaganda) machine extending from Los Angels to Sydney which celebrates Israeli “democracy” and “liberty.” However, the truth, the naked truth, is that Israel remains a murderer, thief and liar.


Israel may very well have been successful in hiding its evil nature from the eyes of many people, especially in the West. However, this evil will eventually corrode Israel from within and bring its demise.


The brazen depravity of Zionist thinking had another morbid expression this week.  The Israeli government reportedly protested to Turkey a planed visit to Ankara by Iranian President Ahmadinejad.


Israeli officials have called on Turkish leaders to cancel the visit to protest the Iranian nuclear program and Ahmadinejad’s rejection of Zionism.


Again, the odor of hypocrisy is wafting all over the place.


First of all, Israel has no right to dictate to Turkey, a nation of 75 million people, which foreign statesman to invite and which not to invite. Turkey, after all, is a sovereign state that is mature enough to decide for itself. Turkey will not view favorably any foreign interference in its internal affairs especially if such interference comes from a state that is more sinful than sin itself.


Second, a country that possess hundreds of nuclear heads, many of them are probably directed at Muslim cities in the Middle East, have no right to protest Iran’s nuclear program.


Indeed, if Israel,  India, Pakistan, U.S., Russia, China, France Britain and other countries have the right to develop nuclear technology and even nuclear weapons, why can’t Iran, a country that had a prosperous civilization thousands of years before the discovery of America.


Moreover, with such a holier- than- thou attitude, Israel is really not morally fit to protest Ahmadinejad’s anti-Zionist remarks.


Israel today spearheads a worldwide venomous campaign of hatred and incitement against Islam and Muslims.  Israeli and Zionist leaders, officials, diplomats, writers and spokespersons routinely incite against nearly one quarter of humanity.


Six decades ago, Nazi leaders in Europe spread the message “kill the Jews, don’t let them take over Europe, don’t let them destroy Christianity, don’t let them destroy mother Germany.”!   Today the chorus of hate from Jerusalem to New York to Sydney is spreading a similar message: “Islam is taking over Europe!!, kill the Muslims, kill the terrorists, wipe Islam off from the face of earth.!!”


Just read the hateful Zionist press such as the Jerusalem Post, the New York Post, Commentary, the New Republic, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune,  to mention just a few example, and you will see how the “Nazi mind” is still very much alive and kicking 63 years after the demise of the Third Reich.


Today, Israel is waging a dirty war against Islam under the pretext of fighting Hamas and other Palestinian resistance organizations.


Israel is destroying Palestinian schools, closing down Palestinian orphanages, and, probably in collusion with the quisling-like Palestinian Authority, terrorizing Islamic institutions that predated the appearance of Hamas by many decades.


Israel is arresting and torturing young men and women for the pettiest Islamic activity. Israel is really very much like Nazi Germany prior to the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939.


Needless to say, such a state has no right to preach righteousness to the world.


In fact, with such a manifestly diabolical behavior, Israel is not only an abomination upon humanity, it is also a cancer upon the collective conscience of the Jewish people.