Biased Foreign Policy Will Not Serve US Interests: MB Executive Bureau

Biased Foreign Policy Will Not Serve US Interests: MB Executive Bureau

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, MB senior Executive Bureau member, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the unswerving bias of US presidential hopefuls towards Israeli occupation will not serve the interests of the American people.


Seeking the support of the Jewish lobby, both republicans and democrats compete in conveying their commitment to the Jewish state regardless of its blatant violations of human rights and disrespect of international laws and conventions in a way which only serves the interest of the Israeli occupation, he said.


This unbalanced stance, he added, will not benefit the American people since it only fosters Anti-American sentiments in the world, especially in the Middle East region and the Arab and Muslim worlds who witness daily massacres committed by Israeli occupation forces against innocent Palestinians besides occupation of their lands.


“We do not promote violence but we believe that the US Administration is the source of most violence in the world because of its support of injustice and occupation. Its policies always trigger violent and angry reactions by those who fall victims to it,” he told Ikhwanweb.


The Muslim Brotherhood addresses the American people who are responsible for their choice, he said. They have the power both to choose their president and to urge him through political and civil society movements to alter his path if they found it to be against their interests. 


“We call on them to start building channels of dialogue and coexistence with other nations in an impartial way that can bring about world balance and cooperation for the sake of humanity,” he added.


The USA is acting against the human value of justice, he said. It violates the rights of other nations, supports Israeli assaults, backs authoritarian regimes in the region, and above all uses the money of US tax payers to buy hatred for the USA in every corner of the world.


“This money is mismanaged because it is used to launch military attacks on other people and to finance the Israeli occupation leading to the growing hatred of the USA and also those in the US who do not oppose their administration’s foreign policy.”


The Palestinian people chose Hamas but the US still refuses to acknowledge its legitimacy, he said. This is another episode in the contradiction between claims to promote democracy in the world and the fact that the US administration backs authoritarian regimes in the region.


“Such discriminatory policies will further tarnish America’s image in the world and even threaten its national security, which is the subject of presidential campaigns today.”