Big settlement projects approved as Netanyahu flies to US

Big settlement projects approved as Netanyahu flies to US

 The Israeli government approved three settlement projects in occupied Jerusalem on the eve of its premier’s departure for Washington to meet with US president Barack Obama.

Different Israeli sources said that one of these projects is to build 1, 250 settlement units in Mount Abu Ghoneim in addition to building 983 units in the context of the plan number 10310, stage C.

The second project is to finish stage B of building 42 settlement units in Har Homa B area, also located in Mount Abu Ghoneim. The plan number is 12825, according to the sources.

They said that the Israeli government and its municipal council in Jerusalem have been imposing a news blackout on their settlement activities since the end of the alleged freeze.

They also pointed out to a third project, number 4820B, to build 250 housing units and a huge shopping mall in Ramot settlement, which was established illegally on Palestinian lands in Beit Hanina village and another destroyed and deserted village called Lafta.
For his part, specialist in Jerusalem geography Khalil Tafakji said that the Israeli occupation authority deleted in practice the green line separating the eastern part of Jerusalem from the west and built a number of settlements and outposts on both sides and some on the line.