Bishop Bakhoum: We Do Not Fear the Muslim Brotherhood, with their Honorable History

Bishop Bakhoum: We Do Not Fear the Muslim Brotherhood, with their Honorable History

A delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Construction and Development Party, and the Political Parties’ Coordinating Committee visited the Diocese of Sohag, in Upper Egypt.

The delegation was met by Bishop Bakhoum, Bishop Wissa, Father Mina, Father Yusuf and Rev. Sameh Nosehi, together with a number of other prominent Coptic personalities. The meeting discussed views regarding presidential candidates.

Hammam Ali Youssef, administrative office manager of the Brotherhood in Sohag, said that the real guarantee for the next president is not the Constitution, but his character, his discourse and his commitment to the Constitution, stressing that the Brotherhood’s commitment to and its history with the Copts are guarantees for safeguarding their full rights.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohamed Almasry, FJP Secretary in Sohag, pointed to the dangers of political money, stressing the importance of the clergy’s role in the fight against voter bribery in the election.

Dr. Almasry further explained that wide chasm of difference between someone who participated in killing, jailing, looting and humiliating Egyptian people, and a candidate who – together with his supporters – suffered all kinds and forms of persecution.

Bishop Bakhoum said, “We did not direct people towards any particular candidate, within the church. In fact, I kept asking all Christians to show me their fingers, in order to make sure that they did vote, without asking who they voted for”.

Bakhoum added that Egypt’s reform will not be completed until Muslims and Christians commit to their religions, for then they will be better at committing to their duties towards their people and their homeland.

Bishop Wissa, of the Ancient White Monastery, assured that Christians do not fear the Muslim Brotherhood, because their history with Copts has always been honorable.

Moreover, Alaa Seddiq, Construction and Development Party Secretary in Sohag, said that Islamic Reference guarantees the rights of all Egyptians, “There is no difference between Muslims and Christians; we are all equal. We are brothers. But the former regime played on sectarian notes, dividing the nation. However, the revolution has revealed the ousted despot’s plots to destroy the fabric of Egyptian society.