Blair hit with shoes at pro-Palestinian demonstration in Dublin

Blair hit with shoes at pro-Palestinian demonstration in Dublin

DUBLIN, — Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was met by angry anti-Iraq war demonstrators and pro-Palestinians when heading to a book-signing in the Irish capital Dublin.

Around two hundred participants assembled for the event waving Palestinian flags and banners describing Blair as a liar and war criminal, and hurling objects such as plastic water bottles, shoes, and eggs at his convoy.

Police created a security cordon around protestors and shut down roads leading to Blair’s book signing. Around ten activists were arrested in the incident.

This was Blair’s first official appearance to sign his memoirs released this week in his best-selling book, Journey, in which Blair defended the decision to wage war on Iraq.

Blair reiterated in his memoirs that the choice to invade Iraq was correct despite the human and material losses in the US-led invasion.

According to the data we had, Blair said, I remain convinced that leaving the (Iraqi President) Saddam Hussein in power was much more dangerous for our security.

Blair, who currently serves as special envoy of the Mideast Peace Quartet, said: Although the losses were heavy, the fact is that leaving Saddam and his sons in power in Iraq would have been much worse.