Blocking 49 Websites Case Postponed Till December

Blocking 49 Websites Case Postponed Till December

The Higher Administrative Court decided on Monday November 3rd to postpone the case of blocking 49 internet websites till December 15th after a report issued by the State Commissioners Authority refusing the block decision.

The administrative court passed a historic ruling last December refusing a case filed by Abdul Fattah Murad who submitted a contest against the rulings afterwards.

Murad claimed that such websites contain blogs, news outlets, and rights websites that tarnish the image of the country and described them as “terroristic” in an attempt to evade his crime of usurping the intellectual properties of the Arabi Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) regarding the freedom of the use of the internet in the Arab World titled “Stubborn Adverse… Internet & the Arab Regimes”.

The ANHRI filed an official complaint for the prosecutor general last April 2007 but the general prosecution neglected that case and did not refer it to the court or cancel Murad”s immunity despite lasting for 17 months. The ANHRI inquired “Is this judge above the law?”

The ANHRI said “despite the Justice Minister”s office investigated the case and turned out that Murad is incriminated, the Minister and the Supreme Council of Judges did not pursue any procedures against such a judge”.

The ANHRI added that the prosecution deals with double standards when accelerating the case Murad fabricated against the ANHRI and its manager, Hisham Mubarak Law Center, and some bloggers to get rid o the opposers and block the websites used for disclosing the violations.

“Were this judge confident that he would be punished, he wouldn”t fabricate charges,” said Gamal Eid, CEO of the ANHRI adding that he hopes the Justice Minister and Prosecutor General would prove that none should be above law in Egypt through announcing the investigation results in a fair and transparent way so that the people restores trust in the real justice in Egypt.