Blog of the week: Practice what you preach

Blog of the week: Practice what you preach

From the blog Besaraha (let’s speak frankly):

This has not been edited, direct translation from Bikya Masr’s Mohamed Abdel Salam

As the saying goes: “practice what you preach for” and we do not wish that our authoritarian and racist government or our police state could in any day feel ashamed of its practices against its own Coptic citizens, because it lacks any sense and doesn’t have any feelings, and it exceeds the deeds that were once prohibited by its system,  and commits even worse crimes than the crimes it has once criticized and attacked!

While the government was the reason why Egypt’s name is ranked amongst all the lists of authoritarian regimes that violate all the freedoms and rights of their people! Does not desist itself from appearing as ” the guardian of human rights and minorities, and safeguard of the dignity of all religions in the world.”

Our police and racist government defends all the Muslims in Denmark, France, Switzerland, Chine and in Netherlands, while if any foreign Humanitarian Organization tried to speak about the rights of Copts, the government in turn, accuses it of meddling in Internal Egyptian affairs!!! And that their speech about the problems of Egypt is contradicting the conception of “national sovereignty”.

Our government is trying to promote international law against contempt of religion, while it publishes – at its own  expense – books and articles that flout “Christianity”,  and incite to kill Christians and plunder their money and rape their daughters; it does not investigate any report or communications from the Copts against the ones that contempt their religion and their holy book! And honored the perpetrators,  and by giving them the space of publishing in State Media , at the time it wants to prosecute critics of religions around the world !!!!! There is contempt and there is something called “ freedom of opinion’ , depends on the cases, and the way it suits the government.

Our government  was outraged and threatened Switzerland when it banned the building of more minarets of mosques, while it practically prohibits not only the building of Minarets, but it prohibits the building of churches itself,  and it impedes the restoration of ancient churches by applying a law that dates back to the era of the Ottoman occupation of Egypt, in regards of building churches regulations.

Copts are obligated to reach out for the President himself to get his approval to build a new church!

The government turned a blind eye to the burning of churches by Islamic Extremists and attribute all these accents to “ electrical fire”, and forces priests to repeat the same excuses to the media in return for issuing a license or a permit for the restoration of the church  and allowing them to remove the effects of the fire!!! It also condones the collective punishment of Christians by Muslims  who attack new churches, and the ones who beat and burn the homes, if they knew that the Copts were gathering to pray in a house!

Our racist government, cried all over the world and condemned the murder of Marwa El Sherbini, and seeked retribution for her blood, while not bringing justice to the blood of thousands of Christians killed by Muslims over the last four decades, both in the mass assaults on the Copts , like in El Zawiya Al Hamra district in Cairo (100 killed) and in Kosh eh (20 killed) in  Sohag, Upper Egypt.

It forces the Coptic victims to reconcile with the killers of their relatives, it is enough said, when we know that in the same year that witnessed the death of Marwa El-Sherbini in Germany, about  10 Copts from different governorates got killed, without holding any perpetrator accountable for any of these murders,  knowing that all of them were killed in incidents of sectarian violence, and there is know prior knowledge among the perpetrators and the victims!

While our insensitive government did not pay attention to the death of thousands of Egyptians , who drowned in the sea in 2006 , or crushed under the stones to death in the rockslide accident in Duwaia in 2008, or burnt to death in train crashes, it starts to take moves in a crazy way , and mobilizes all of its organs and institution for the killing of one Egyptian citizen , because she was killed in a country of infidels, the infidels who blame Egypt for its bad record of human rights and for the violations against its own citizens.

After the severe conviction decision by the German court against the Russian murderer,  the Egyptian Prosecution referred the killer of  a Copt (whose name is Abdo George)- to the psychiatric hospital for the issuance of certificate of insanity to get him away from being punished, as usual! After trying to classify the  crime as  a murder case during a normal fight  but it was faced with the truth that there was no prior relation between the killer and the victim,  thus , it fabricated a certificate to save face.

And while  it speaks for the maintenance of the dignity of expatriate Egyptian,  it does not put any consideration for the maintenance of the dignity of the Egyptians at home first, and as it has screamed in defense of headscarves and veils in Europe, it  did  not hesitate to expose the Egyptian and tearing their clothes and violating their  humanity in the streets!!!

All this, in addition to, the state destroying its economy and  recycling industry through the mass slaughter of all the pigs that belong to Copts, on the pretext of H1N1 virus protective measures, while there pigs had nothing to do with the virus transmission,  and no one single state did that in the world!!! Including Mexico that witnessed the first case ever in the whole world!!!!, as it is a racist government that tries to exploit any opportunity to oppress Copts.

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