Blogger Adel Threatens with Strike on Bad Detention Conditions

Blogger Adel Threatens with Strike on Bad Detention Conditions

Blogger Mohamed Adel threatened with staging a general strike in protest at his bad detention conditions.

Adel, the administrator of weblog (Meit), is held under solitary detention in a 1 1/2 metre room and is given only a 30 minute visit on a weekly basis, in a stark violation to law. He is also denied papers and newspapers, leading to a deterioration in his psychological state.

Also, blogger Adel was insulted and humiliated by the police chief of the farming prison ward at Torah.

The state security prosecution in Cairo headed by AG Hisham Badawi, ordered, on Sunday Feb, 8th, 2009, blogger Adel jailed for more 15 days of charge of illegally infiltrating into Palestinian lands. Also facing these charges are Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam, chairman of the relief committee and emergency at the Arab Doctors Union and Abdul Aziz Mogahed. Adel was arrested in downtown Cairo on Nov, 20th, 2008, and was held inside the State Security Investigations office where he was tortured by state security officers.

After he was detained for such a period of time, an arrest warrant was issued by the Interior Ministry against him and he was sent to Torah farm prison where he was kept in solitary detention. On Jan, 27th, 2009, North Cairo Criminal Court ordered him released after 70 days of solitary detention.

During the period of detention, Adel was listed in the case of Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam and Abdul Aziz Mogahed, dubbed case of illegally infiltrating into to Gaza Strip. He appeared before the state security prosecution, at Al-Tagamue El-Khamis, which directed many charges against him, including joining a banned group, obstructing interprises from doing their work and illegally infiltrating into Gaza Strip.