• March 8, 2008

Bloggers Call for Dropping Egypt ’s Ruling NDP in Municipal Elections

Bloggers Call for Dropping Egypt ’s Ruling NDP in Municipal Elections

A number of bloggers are co-administering a weblog dedicated to calling for dropping the National Democratic Party (NDP) in the coming Municipal elections. They attribute creating this weblog, “Bloggers against the National Party” NoWatany.blogspot.com, to the fact that the ruling National Democratic party has turned lives of most Egyptians into a piece of hell, driving some citizens to commit suicide and disappointing a great many citizens after destroying the political, economic and social aspects throughout its successive governments .

The bloggers of NoWatany.blogspot.com called on every one including Egyptian writers, bloggers, unionists, workers, students and politicians and all other sections of the Egyptian people to take part in campaign of one million emails, letters, SMSs to be sent to NDP top leaders and members telling them:” We hate your party and will drop you in any election”.

The bloggers stressed in a statement posted on this blogspot that their campaign is driven by a hatred to injustice, tyranny, riggings, detentions and the security interventions in political, religious and social lives, plus robbing Egypt of its wealth and selling it to enemies. They also stressed that their first method of punishment to the NDP will by democratic mechanisms through the Municipal elections.

The bloggers said that their weblog, whose first constitutive statement was issued early March 2008, is an assembly of those rejecting a one-party hegemony over Egypt , rejecting lacking a circulation of power plus this continuous effort to transfer power from president Mubarak to his son Gamal Mubarak. They want also to make the weblog a forum for anyone who wants to expose scandals of this party to force it to wake up from this illusion dominating NDP officials and leaders, that Egypt lacks real men.