Bloggers Celebrate President’s Birthday, Son’s Marriage, Reject Succession

“Yes to marry Khadiga, No to marry Egypt” Egyptian Bloggers congratulate Gamal Mubarak on his marriage.
Reports were leaked to Egyptian opposition media opposition newspapers about the tight security measures taken by the security services to celebrate the marriage of Gamal Mubarak, the son of president Hosni Mubarak and secretary general of the policies committee and undersecretary general of the ruling party, eportedly held on May, 4th in the city Sharm El-Sheikh.
Meanwhile, a number of Egyptian bloggers declared that they will celebrate it but on their own way; they will call on the Egyptian people on Friday May, 4 to celebrate the marriage of the son of the president; on this very day the president will turn 79 years old; the bloggers will invite people to celebrate this at Talaat Harb, in central Cairo.
For his part, Amr Mahdi, the administrator of Asad, told Ikhwanweb:” We want to merry and celebrate the marriage of a young man like us; but Gamal Mubarak refused to be among people in the street; he went to Sharm El-Sheikh and celebrated his marriage to his bride under heavy security measures and under supervision of the Interior Minister; he is free to do whatever he wants with his bride; we are not going to interfere in his of his bride’s personal life.
We want to remind Gamal Mubarak that he will get married to his wife Khadija only and he will never get married to Egypt; therefore the slogan of the vigil will be ” Yes to marry Khadiga, no to marry Egypt”; this means that we congratulate him on his marriage to Khadija but we advice him not to think of succeeding his father in ruling Egypt because this will never happen.
Asad said that their celebration place will be decorated and drinks wil be offered to guests.
May, 4th, 2007 at 6.00PM in front of Madbouli Bookstore
The bolggers’ call comes while several international press organizations released reports that confirm a sharp decline in the freedom of the press in Egypt, specially among bloggers who face many harassments; these harassments include security hunting, judicial lawsuits and detentions, the latest of which was arresting blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud, the correspondent of Al Hiwar channel in Cairo.