• February 21, 2007

Blogs Against Military Rulers

Blogs Against Military Rulers

The fierce security campaign that the Egyptian regime is launching against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group and transferring 40 MB leaders to military tribunals in addition to arresting hundreds of intermediate leaders on fabricated cases, all these actions spurred a big number of Internet activists to fight such an unfair campaign and expose the exercises of the tyrant military rule towards the life of the Egyptians
Ensaa Blog:

“A meeting for those opposing transferring respected and reputed Egyptian civilians to a military court” according to the Muslim Brotherhood activist Ahmed Abdul Hafez about his weblog in which he posts full profiles of the reformist figures whom the Egyptian regime has transferred to the military justice. Ahmed doesn”t consider it a private weblog; he says that every one is responsible for updating this weblog and he receives the contributions of every one on the weblog”s Email.

El-Fagreya Blog:

Asmaa who writes this weblog is the daughter of Yasser Abdou, a board member of the Syndicate of Commercial Professions, and one of those referred of the military court; she felt annoyed by the state security midnight sweeps “dawn visitors” and she decided to describe to readers of its weblog scenes of arresting her father and his life in Tora prison.
Khairat Al Shater Children:

This weblog is written by children of Eng. Khairat Al Shater. They want through it to spread the views of their father whom the judiciary acquitted and ordered him immediately released while the Egyptian regime gave a deaf ear as usual to the court ruling and issued another arrest warrant against him and transferred him to a military tribunal. Al Shater”s children decided to fight the campaign of distortion against their father through talking about him, his projects and his reformist role in the social and economic fields in Egypt .

Free Beshr:

This weblog belongs to Hani Mohamed Beshr who announced launching an international campaign for demanding an immediate release of his father, the engineering scientist.

Dr Tawakul Massoud:

This weblog is written by supporters Dr Tawakul Massoud, an Alexandrian preacher, who was arrested among other 78 Muslim Brotherhood members by president Mubarak”s autocratic regime.

River Nile:

An English language weblog that shows the Western readers a bird”s eye view of the Egyptian regime”s ongoing repression of freedoms.
The activists and families of prisoners of conscience have made use of weblogging as a new space for the expression of speech and to give vent to their feelings towards the current oppression of the Egyptian regime and to spread the issue of freedom on the cyberspace. The status quo in our country Egypt requires other activists to adopt a campaign for defending the civilians who have been referred to a military tribunal which doesn”t have any guarantee of a fair trial and whose rulings aren”t challenged. We call on freemen to defend Egypt and rescue it from the corrupt regime whose only concern is securing its powers even if this comes on the ruins of the Egyptian people. This is a call for releasing Egypt .