Bloody clashes in Sayyeda Zeinab

I still do not have full information, but it seems around 10:30am Central Security Forces have stormed the neighborhood of Qale’t el-Kabsh in Sayyeda Zeinab, and clashed with the citizens, reportedly using tear gas and rubber bullets.

There are unconfirmed reports that at least one citizen died.

The families have been assembling since the morning, and protesting peacefully in the street, after more than 250 houses were burnt down two days ago, making at least 350 families homeless… no compensation or aid was given to the victims.

Yesterday, I was told by a journalist, Mubarak’s NDP youth set up an emergency relief tent when TV cameras were present, but then packed it all off, as soon as the cameras went away.

If there are any reporters, photographers, or bloggers nearby, please let us know what the hell is happening.

UPDATE: Photographer and friend Amr Abdallah took some photos of the clashes. Click on the pic below to go to his flickr account