Bound Palestinian Shot To Death By Israeli Policemen

Bound Palestinian Shot To Death By Israeli Policemen

The center said that Hazim Adel Abu Al Dab’at, 22, from Al Thoury neighborhood in East Jerusalem was shot to death after being forced to the ground while cuffed.

The report contradicts the statement of the Israeli police in which the policemen claimed that they stopped a group of young Palestinians from Jerusalem, and that while a policeman was cleaning his gun a bullet was accidentally fired hitting Abu Al Dab’at in the chest causing instant death.

But the JCSER reported that according to testimonies collected from his family and friends, Abu Al Dab’at was on a trip with his friends and that they were stopped by the police near Tel Aviv.

His friends said that one of the policemen examined the papers of the car that belongs to the father of Amjad Shahin, one of the friends of Al Dab’at; a policeman then started insulting Abu Al Dab’at and his fiends an issue that pushed them to argue with him.

The policeman then cuffed Abu Al Dab’at, forced him to the ground, face down, and shot him; his fiends testified.

Following the shooting Abu Al Dab’at to death, the police asked the family to head to Abu Kabeer forensic center. After receiving the body, the family saw concussions and bruises and his head and face.