Bozkurt: Israel must be listed as Turkey’s top enemy

Bozkurt: Israel must be listed as Turkey’s top enemy

ANKARA, Columnist for the Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman Abdullah Bozkurt stated that Israel poses a very real threat to the Turkish state and must be classified as one of Turkey’s top enemies.

“It would not surprise me a bit if the new national security policy document (MGSB) were to list Israel as the “real” potential threat to Turkey’s vital national interests after the attack on the aid flotilla by the Israeli navy during which nine Turks were killed in international waters,” Bozkurt said in an article last Tuesday.

“As the government is gearing up to make radical changes to the national security threats listed in this document, which is also called the ‘red book’ or ‘secret constitution,’ the threat assessment will likely reflect changing dynamics in the new security environment Turkey is facing today,” he added.

The writer pointed out that “the changes in the MGSB will reflect the friendly approach the current government has taken with neighbors.”

“Iran and Greece, Turkey’s once estranged neighbors, will not be considered as top threats to national security.”

According to him, “the document may very well reflect growing concern about the Israeli government’s policies in the region in general, and in northern Iraq in particular. Allegations that Israeli intelligence operatives are contracting Kurdistan workers’ party (PKK) terrorists to hurt Turkish interests are widespread in Ankara”.