• August 26, 2010

Brazilian delegation to participate in Freedom Flotilla 2

Brazilian delegation to participate in Freedom Flotilla 2

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza announced that a Brazilian delegation would take part in the Freedom Flotilla 2, which is expected to set sail for Gaza Strip by the end of this year.

Member of the campaign Angela Lano said in a statement on Wednesday that a three-member team of the campaign visited Brazil and rallied support for the flotilla and invited Brazilian politicians and parliamentarians to join the second flotilla.

She said that the team explained to Brazilian officials the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip and explained what happened to the first flotilla at hands of the Israeli navy.

Lano said that results of the visit surpassed expectations, hoping that the Brazilian support would continue until the final end of the Israeli siege.

The campaign is planning to send thousands of tons of construction material to Gaza and bring back Gaza products in a practical step to break the siege.