Breaking Away From the Group

 The Muslim Brotherhood is a large, independent and dynamic movement which practices many activities and makes its own decisions. With such an active movement it is only healthy and natural that differences in visions and opinions will arise proving that it is lively and not dormant. Since the MB depends on consensus and democracy, any decisions made are the outcome of the majority; in turn the minority is committed to follow the decision and implement it.

In some instances those opposing the opinion find difficulty in committing to the decision and in full entitlement choose to break away from the movement. In other situations the opposing entity chooses to continue in the group without committing to decisions made, forcing an enquiry to be made in accordance to the MB regulations.

This notion has been enforced since the MB’s establishment and is characteristic of all active movements, parties and institutions. As Egypt is entering a new political era and times have changed it is only natural that differences although small will arise within the MB movement. They may be there but in comparison to size they are hardly recognizable.