• September 11, 2008

“Breaking Gaza Siege” Convoy Returns To Cairo After Police Blockade

“Breaking Gaza Siege” Convoy Returns To Cairo After Police Blockade

The convoy of the national campaign to break the siege on Gaza returned to Cairo after it was stopped by the security agencies on the entrance of Suez Canal governorate of  Ismailiyya.


The organizers of the convoy held a press conference in which the Chancellor Mahmoud Khudairy, former head of Alexandria Judges Club, and the leader of the Campaign, said the convoy achieved one of its most important goals which is the breaking of the hesitation blockade and reacting to break the siege .


He pointed out that the campaign is one of the most important steps taken by Egyptian opposition and national forces, and that for the first time there is some kind of action to serve the Palestinian cause, adding that we need a lot of practical actions similar to this convoy, to make the government feel that it will not end at this point.


The convoy was launched  at 03:00 pm, on Wednesday Ramadan (September) 10, on its way to Rafah crossing border, but the security agencies intercepted it and prevented its entry to Al-Ismailiyya city, which is the only gateway to Rafah crossing.