Breaking in the house of “Addostour” reporter twice in one day

Breaking in the house of “Addostour” reporter twice in one day

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) asked the deputy general to declare his refusal to police interference in the Egyptian prosecutors” work and opens transparent fair investigations regarding the violations committed against journalists and activists by police officers.

The last incident of this kind was breaking in the house of Ahmad Seif Ennasr, addostour daily reporter in Fayoum, and seizing his cell phone and his wife”s without a prosecutor”s permission. Moreover the police deluded his lawyers telling them that the investigations are going to be next morning while they investigated the reporter after midnight.

The police broke in the House of ahmad Seif Ennasr on the Dawn of Friday 10th April, and kidnapped him after his publishing reports on the clashes between students and security forces in Fayoum University. Ahmad was held in Bandar Fayoum police station, then the police broke in his house again and searched the house in the presence of his wife and children, they seized the cell phones of Ahmed and his wife. When the lawyers went to Fayoum prosecutor asking to open an investigation in the illegal break in, they were told that the investigation with the reporter will begin on Saturday morning. Later the lawyers were surprised to know that the reporter was investigated on Friday after midnight, and he was then released.

“the police waited till the lawyers left then wake me up after midnight to investigate me” Ahmad told ANHRI. “the prosecutor himself had been just waken up to investigate and then release me, as if it is normal that the police determines the time of investigation not the prosecutor.” He added.

He also said that “the prosecutor did not care for breaking in my house twice and ordering the prisoners to harass me and steal my money”

It is to be noted that the police arrested Ahmad to punish him for publishing a report on the brutality of security forces against Fayoum University students, which can be considered a new proof on the security system”s disrespect to the law, as they directly decided and punished a reporter for reporting the committed violations.

“we insist that the prosecutor should do his supposed role, according to the law, not according to the desires of police officers.” ANHRI said. “Fayoum prosecutor should have respected his statements to the lawyers and his commitments not to begin any investigations in their avsence” the network added.

ANHRI also declared that “regardless to the release of the reporter, there is a crime committed by police forces, and this should be fairly and transparently investigated. This is the law to be forced.”


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