Breaking News ,el-Tebeen district, of Giza governorate

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The candidate of the National Democratic Party in  el-Tebeen district, of Giza governorate, who will vie for run-off election against the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Ali Fattah el-Bab, is from el-Mansora governorate. He groups about 2000 of the residents of his village to vote for him in the reelection, due to be held on Nov.15th. In other words, they will vote in incompetent voting district.

 On the other side, Mustafa el-Salab, the NDP candidate in Nasser City, of Cairo, has brought 500 of el-Mansora residents, who work in his affiliates, to cast vote in Nasser City district during the first phase of the parliamentary election, held on Nov.9th.