Britain voices concern over thousands of missing passports

Britain voices concern over thousands of missing passports

– British security sources expressed fears that thousands of Britons’ passports were lost or stolen in the post and could be used in committing crimes, especially in the aftermath of unveiling the details of the Dubai assassination carried out by the Israeli Mossad.

The Daily Express said that the official figures which revealed 3,500 passports had disappeared in the last five years, were described as “alarming” and sparked security fears over identity theft.

It added that hundreds of passports have gone missing every year despite the Government’s switch to a secure courier service in 2004 instead of using the royal mail to deliver documents.

The newspaper quoted Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, as saying that the high number of missing passports is disturbing and shocking and it would be dangerous to rely on the British government to deliver travel documents and identity cards.

In eight months last year, more than 300 passports were lost or stolen, while 654 went missing between February 2008 and January 2009, according to Daily Express.

Britain expelled lately an Israeli diplomat after investigations revealed that the Israeli Mossad used passports of Britons in assassinating a senior Hamas official last January in Dubai.