British students occupy campus buildings in protest at Israeli siege

British students occupy campus buildings in protest at Israeli siege

Students of three most prominent universities in Britain continue their occupation of main campus buildings in protest at the continued Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip. They also demand their universities to sever relations with Israel.

The students called on their universities to respond to their demands and provide a number of scholarships for Palestinian students, and deplored the Israeli bombing of the Islamic University in Gaza.

A statement issued by the students of the university of Edinburgh and a copy of which was received by the PIC said that the students have been occupying the lecture theater of George Square since Tuesday to demand their university to sever ties with the Zionist institutions and issue a clear condemnation against the Israeli siege on Gaza.
Students of the university of Glasgow are still occupying one of the main buildings in their university for the fourth consecutive day rejecting all calls to end their protest. A number of British lawmakers visited Tuesday the students to express solidarity with them.

In the University of Manchester, students” occupation of the John Owens building continues for the ninth consecutive day. The students succeeded in making the largest student board in Europe to issue a decision supporting the besieged Gaza people and boycotting Israel. 

Rami Abdo, the spokesman for the popular campaign against the siege, stated that dozens of universities in Britain may join these student moves, noting that these protests will continue until the universities meet the students” demands.