British writer: Egypt participates in the US-led blockade on Gaza

British writer: Egypt participates in the US-led blockade on Gaza

British writer Seumas Milne accused the Egyptian government of actively participating in the US-led siege on the Gaza Strip, stressing that the Egyptian government’s banning of the lifeline convoy from entering the Strip was clear evidence of their involvement participation.

In an article published Thursday in the Guardian newspaper, Milne highlighted the suffering of the lifeline convoy led by British MP George Galloway at the hands of the Egyptian authorities at Al-Areesh port. Tens of the convoy’s members were beaten by batons at the hands of the Egyptian security men in an attempt to thwart their journey to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Milne  also reported  about “the Gaza freedom march” and the fact that from a total of 1400 protesters from over  40 countries Egyptian officials allowed only 84 to cross into Gaza. Egyptian border guards responded violently to demonstrations held by Palestinians against the “wall of shame” being built by Egyptians on the border with Gaza.

He pointed out that while these events were significant in the middle east they were ignored by the majority of the west’s media.

Milne argues that without Egypt closing its borders with the Gaza Strip the Israeli-imposed siege on the Gaza Strip would not be effective and that by building this wall Egypt is an accomplice in the “US- and European-backed blockade of Gaza and the collective punishment of its one and a half million people.”

He concludes that western foreign policies of supporting middle east despots and dictators is a “recipe for a war on terror without end.”

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