Brother Gamal Mubarak

I write this to you from the bottom of my heart. I do not implicitly cast doubt on your intentions, nor am I reopening the issue of the inheritance of rule in any way. I am honest in what I am about to tell you. You have the right to accept or reject it, to believe it or not.  But I swear by God I am honest about it.

Brother, think a little beforehand if you want to be President of Egypt. You have the right to rule, so does every Egyptian; but, thanks to you, the Constitution bars every Egyptian from becoming President, except for the members of the National Party, whether it is you or somebody else.

I ask you, what is the seat of power worth? The question may surprise you and you may think I’m mad! For who does not know the importance of being the President of the Republic? How can we not know that all the authorities in the State are subject to the will and discretion of the Dictator?
You have the right to say as much.

But what I mean by the question is, what is the point of heading a corrupt regime? You know, and every Egyptian knows, that the regime is corrupt. It was corrupt before President Mubarak came to power, and it became worse since he took up office- worse than anything known in Egypt’s history.

You also know that your intentions for reform, no matter how sincere, will not be able to stamp out corruption from this regime. Corruption controls it, and patchwork reform or what is called ’gradual reform’ will be useless.

The regime must be demolished, like an old bathroom. You can expend a great deal of effort and money to fix it but it will remain the same. All you will be able to do is make some improvements, while the national interest requires that you do away with it completely, just as a new bathroom is needed instead of the old one.  You need new ideas and a new philosophy.

Brother Gamal, why must you bear the drawbacks of this regime, if God wills it that you be the ruler of Egypt against the wish of the Egyptian people? But supposing the people want you, why bear the burdens and sins and crimes of this corrupt system? I feel sorry for you.

If you do become President, then my advice to you will be, kill your conscience so that it will not torture you, and convince yourself that this corrupt system is God’s paradise on earth and that the people adore it and will accept no other, until they fall like David’s staff when the termites ate it.

Three young men committed suicide in Qalyubia because they could not find a job and were unable to eke out a living. When will we hear that three leaders of the ruling party committed suicide because they drove the three men to kill themselves? I leave the reader to think of any three Party leaders whom he would like to commit suicide.