Brotherhood, Independent MPs Reject Expelling Anwar Sadat

Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc and Independents bloc in the Egyptian People”s Assembly condemned that the House voted for expelling MP Mohamed Anwar Esmat Al Sadat. Both blocs described this measure as fully unjust. This because the measures are taken with suspicious speed, withough giving the member of parliament a chance to get a court ruling rehabilitates him.
Both blocs said in a statement issued on Tuesday, May 29, 2007, that they fully respect the constitution and law and the House”s bylaw. “We respect also final rulings and decisions” they said in the statement .
They said what they reject is this clear arbitrariness and speed with which measures of expelling opposition and independent MPs are expelled, unlike what happens the ruling National Party MPs.
It is worth mentioning that the People”s Assembly approved on Tuesday expelling MP Mohamed Esmat Al Sadat with approval of 316 MPs. 80 MPs topped by the MB parliamentary bloc and opposition and NDP MP Mohamed Khalil Qweta declared their rejecting to expelling Sadat, demanding postponing the vote till ruling on his appeal scheduled next June, 23.
For his part, Dr. Hamdi Hassan said in a statement to Ikhwanweb:” We as Muslim Brotherhood MPs reject all measures taken against MP Mohamed Anwar Sadat and consider them as unjust.
Hassan pointed that expelling MP Sadat is part of settling scores with the political opposition inside parliament. This began with lifting immunity of Talaat Al Sadat and jailing him and lifting immunity of two Muslim Brotherhood MPs Sabri Amer and Ragab Abu Zeid. These actions are committed by the repressive National Democratic Party inside parliament to settle scores with the opposition.
Hassan wondered:” What will happen if Sadat is expelled and the court cleared him. We won”t be able to correct this mistake.” Hassan condemned also the House”s role in not presenting rulings issued against MPs.
Hassan confirmed that there is a double standard policy. “When MPs speak in the Pharaonic hall, one single question is reiterated: Whose turn is this time?!” he said.