Brotherhood: Parliament was Created by Popular Will; Can Only Be Dissolved by Popular Will

Brotherhood: Parliament was Created by Popular Will; Can Only Be Dissolved by Popular Will

The Muslim Brotherhood reminded that Parliament was elected by pure popular will. It added that the Constitutional Declaration does not confer on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) the power to dissolve parliament, which means that SCAF’s recent rush to grab legislative power was illegitimate, indeed a coup against the democratic process as a whole, taking us back to square one.

In a statement, Saturday, the Brotherhood denied that the Supreme Constitutional Court’s verdict meant dissolution of the whole Parliament. It further condemned SCAF’s claim that its indefensible actions were based on the Constitutional Declaration.

The statement pointed out that Parliament was created by popular will, that billions of pounds were spent from state coffers on the exhausting marathon elections that created it, and that it was SCAF itself that passed the law on which parliamentary elections were conducted.

The Brotherhood’s statement, addressing the Egyptian people, further added that the blessed revolution was launched to effect change and to march on the path of democracy – which was proven by thirty million Egyptians turning out to cast their votes in free and fair legislative elections.

The organization warned of steps taken by SCAF to turn back the clock, through the issuance, by the Minister of Justice, of a decision to grant military intelligence officers broad state-of-emergency powers to arrest and detain civilians without judicial warrant – which effectively reproduces the climate of terror and oppression of bygone dark times, and obliterates the people’s hopes of democracy.

Furthermore, the Brotherhood’s statement exhorted the great Egyptian people to be vigilant and positive and to come out en force to vote in the runoff presidential elections, to protect the democratic gains, to prevent all hidden hands from forging their will and replicating the despotic former regime. It pointed out that the organization will not stand by as a silent spectator of attempts to eliminate the goals of the revolution for freedom and democracy.