Brotherhood and Alliance: Bahaa-Eldin Talk about Reconciliation Incorrect, Under Pressure

Brotherhood and Alliance: Bahaa-Eldin Talk about Reconciliation Incorrect, Under Pressure

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, a Muslim Brotherhood leader affirmed that Dr. Bahaa-Eldin, a coup government senior official, is fully aware that it is the interim government and the military council, and not the Brotherhood, who are responsible for sabotaging every step forward on the path of reinstating legitimacy, democracy and freedoms.

The Brotherhood leader expressed understanding that Dr. Bahaa-Eldin would make such evidently erroneous remarks under heavy pressure from certain quarters, especially since he knew there were views and ideas proposed, that could have been the subject of discussions, and that the putschists always opt for security solutions.

Separately, leaders of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance rejected as false the claim by Dr. Bahaa-Eldin holding the Brotherhood responsible for reconciliation delays.

Dr. Magdy Qorqor, Secretary-General of the New Labor Party, further affirmed that coup government and the military council were determined in all their visions and ideas to put preconditions before any dialogue.

He stressed that the security solution by the coup government was most prominent in the Egyptian scene since the July 3 coup d’etat, and until now. They never brought anything else that a rational person can accept in order to preserve Egypt’s stability and build a real democracy on bases of justice and freedoms, he added.

Meanwhile, Magdy Salim, MP for the Islamic Party and a National Alliance leader, refused accusing the Brotherhood of sabotaging anything that served Egypt’s interests, stressing that the Alliance reaches out for all to resolve the crisis on the basis of legitimacy.

He stressed that issuing certain statements as a prelude to escalation at local or foreign levels would soon prove a total failure, because it is based on the incorrect claim that the Alliance does not seek genuine reconciliation.