Brotherhood and FJP Demand Action Against Contaminated Food Crisis Corruption

Brotherhood and FJP Demand Action Against Contaminated Food Crisis Corruption

 Dr. Essam El-Erian, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice-Chairman, urged Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar to take bold and crucial decisions to resolve repeated crises and problems, especially in the university’s student dormitory, pointing that he is not happy for the situation to remain without real change.

"If the same Al-Azhar University leaders – in place for many years already – remain in place, and if individuals of the same qualities – who invariably refused to take responsibility for past mistakes – are deliberately nominated as substitutes, repeats of the university’s dormitory disaster are inevitable.

"This corruption is old. Azhar dormitory students’ problems and grievances have been repeated many times over past decades, and the status quo remains unchanged, unreformed."

Suhaib Abdel-Maksoud, spokesman for Muslim Brotherhood students, announced that the group’s students expressed full solidarity with their colleagues who were struck down with food-poisoning.

Abdel-Maksoud affirmed Brotherhood students stood by their colleagues from the first moment when the crisis started, pointing that there is rampant corruption at Al-Azhar University which officials have deliberately ignored.

For his part, Ahmed Baqri, President of Al-Azhar Student Union, said that the Union stands firm in solidarity with all the demands of the students, stressing that Egypt’s revolution will not allow such catastrophic conditions to continue.

Separately, Dr. Ahmed Arif, spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, visited affected Azhar students in Nasr City Health Insurance Hospital and presented them with gifts to lift their spirits.