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  • March 31, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Brotherhood Appreciation Message to Moqattam Residents Denouncing Friday Violence

Brotherhood Appreciation Message to Moqattam Residents Denouncing Friday Violence

 Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, addressed a speech to Moqattam residents, in which he expressed deep regret and sadness for acts of lawlessness and vandalization, threats and intimidation they suffered last Friday at the hands of a group of hired thugs who had no respect for any human, religious, ethical or legal value, and do not care for one moment for the simplest and most basic of human rights:

We regret what happened, despite our injuries and bitterness and pain, and the brutal assaults witnessed by all, in which all weapons were used to kill, wound and burn, as shown in some newspapers and many websites.

We chose your neighborhood – Moqattam – for our administrative headquarters from which we spread our message with wisdom and prudence. We are keen on protecting public interests and maintaining civil and social peace. We respect the will and choices of the people. We adopt exclusively peaceful civilized and enlightened methods in our work, rebuilding Egypt – with her loyal and patriotic people, doing the best we can for all citizens, pursuant to God’s words in Quran, “and do good, that ye may prosper”.

The Muslim Brotherhood is committed to keeping political disputes within the framework of good principles, high morals and respect for democracy, keeping such disputes in political forums, away from people’s homes and administrative buildings, away from citizens’ roads, railways and mosques and other public facilities and institutions.

But unfortunately, some politicians wanted to transform political disputes into a conflict, and the conflict into aggression, in order to generate something like a civil war in the community, to force the collapse of the economy and overthrow the regime.

These politicians, together with a number of media figures, tried to create the illusion that the state is managed from our humble headquarters in Moqattam – a blatant and utter lie they have been repeating in the hope that eventually people will believe them.

They then openly called for the destruction and torching of our headquarters. Consequently, last Friday hired thugs led by a number of politicians went on the rampage terrorizing residents and attacking passersby.

We offer our deep regret for what happened, although we ourselves are also victims of these crimes. We are committed to self-restraint. Therefore, despite the pain and wounds, we will not to be drawn into violent responses to criminal violence, so as not to make things worse and increase losses to the homeland and the people.