• MB News
  • September 24, 2008
  • 5 minutes read

Brotherhood Chairman Visits “Al Wafd” Liberal Party, Invites Its Leadership For Coalition

Brotherhood Chairman Visits “Al Wafd” Liberal Party, Invites Its Leadership For Coalition

For the first time since ending the conflict between two parts of conflict in Al Wafd Party, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Mahdi Akef, accompanied by a group of four MB leaders, visited on Tuesday the headquarters of Al Wafd Party located in Pauls Hanna street, to congratulate the party with Ramadan, as a substitute for the annual breakfast (Iftar) meeting which the security banned the MB from organizing.

Akef discussed with Mahmoud Abaza, leader of Al Wafd Party, and with the leaders of Al Wafd supreme staff the general conditions, beginning from the accident of kidnapping tourists which Akef said that it is “an evidence of failure, warning, frustration, despair and failure to ensure and protect citizens and foreigners in Egypt,” and Mahmoud Abaza considered as a crisis in the community, government and street.

Akef pointed out that corruption became critical in
Egypt, and the situation is intolerable, therefore serious change is necessary, and it will not happen except through mechanism of national coalition among political forces, and cooperating under one banner for change.


Abaza responded that Al Wafd Party is not opposed to coalition or cooperation with any forces that want to change for the better, arguing that Al Wafd Party has a long experience in coordination with parties and political forces, and there was not any kind of interruption between Al Wafd Party and the other parties.

Mahmoud Abaza stressed that Al Wafd and Muslim Brotherhood are among the oldest Egyptian political movements, and their history includes many coordination steps as a result of their knowledge of the history and the points of agreement and disagreement with the other for 80 years. Al Wafd as a liberal party welcomes dialogue with all parties and accepts the long debate as long as each party has its rules and basic elements, and there will be points of agreement as it happened over the past years to create a shared work.


Abaza denied any kind of confrontation with Muslim Brotherhood or any other forces, saying that the constant role of Al Wafd among political forces is cooperation and openness to dialogue without red lines, as long as there are vision and acceptance to points of agreement and disagreement.