Brotherhood Condemns Media Persistence in Fabricating Fables to Tarnish its Image

Brotherhood Condemns Media Persistence in Fabricating Fables to Tarnish its Image

Dr. Ahmed Arif, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, denounced desperate persistence of a number of journalists in Egypt to slander the group and distort its image in blatant contravention of the charter of media honor, truth and professional standards, by fabricating totally unfounded fables making false accusations against it.

TV presenter Mahmoud Saad, of private satellite TV channel ‘Al-Nahar’ – welcomed an imposter in a telephone call to his program, then again presenter Wael Ibrashi of private satellite TV channel ‘Dream’ hosted an appearance by the same imposter, a man named Sherif Al-Beheiri, in his own program, in which this Beheiri claimed that he was a Muslim Brotherhood member and that he together with other such members took part in the torture of activists, all of which were utter lies.

Subsequently, satellite TV channel ‘Misr 25’ completed an investigation into the area in Giza province where this Beheiri resides. His neighbors affirmed that he is affiliated with former presidential candidate Shafiq’s campaign.

Saber Labib, Brotherhood official in Imraniya district in Giza, refuted all allegations made by the so-called Sherif Al-Beheiri, stressing that no such person was ever a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"This person, Sherif Al-Beheiri, was one of Ahmed Shafiq’s supporters during the presidential elections. He certainly played no role whatsoever in President Mohamed Morsi’s election campaign, contrary to claims made by this Beheiri."

Gamal Al-Sabki, member of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of Beheiri’s neighbors, added that Beheiri made up this contrived story to defame the Muslim Brotherhood and to earn some cash, because he is unemployed.

"We know that an official complaint was filed against Beheiri during the presidential election of months ago because he assaulted one of the members of the Brotherhood. He was a supporter of Morsi’s opponent Ahmed Shafiq."