• February 20, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Brotherhood Condemns Police Brutality Against Cartoon Protestors

Brotherhood Condemns Police Brutality Against Cartoon Protestors

In response to the ongoing protests erupting in some Islamic countries and the unjustified poilce brutality used to deal with these mostly peacful protests, the Muslim Brotherhood has issued the following statement;

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious

The Muslim Brotherhood voices its concern and condemnation over the violence committed by police in several Islamic countries against the popular protests of the defamatory cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, may Peace Be Upon Him.

Similarly, the group also voice its concern about violence and destruction caused by some protestors during the protests. Accordingly, the Muslim Brotherhood call on the people to wisely and peacfully express their feelings, resort to the civilized manner in protesting, and care for the high interests of the Islamic countries.

Starting from this point, the Muslim Brotherhood condemns arrest campaigns against members of the Pakistani Islamic Movement and its leader Mr. Kady Hussein who are detained because of their intention to organize peaceful protests in Islamabad.

We demand that governments in Muslim countries to take appropriate political and diplomatic measures to press for the countries whose newspapers infuriated Muslims and violated sacred beliefs to enact laws that incriminate such acts and to offer apology for the enraged Muslims. This is a religious and national duty of governments and is the only medium to calm Muslim furor.

The Muslim brotherhood’s Leader Mr. Muhammad Akef
Cairo February, 19th, 2006