• March 15, 2006
  • 1 minute read

Brotherhood Condemns Raid on Jericho Jail

Brotherhood Condemns Raid on Jericho Jail

The Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader Muhammad Habeeb condemned the Zionist “Israeli” raid on Jericho Jail in an attempt to detain Ahmed Saadat, the Sectary General of the Popular Front for Palestine Liberation and his mates. Habeeb dubbed the move ’a terrorist act’.

“The burst into the jail is not the first and will not the last of “Israel” crimes against the struggling Palestinian people” Habeeb told Ikhwan Web.

Habeeb lashed out at the Zionist entity “Israel” which hinders any initiative for clam in the Palestinian territories via its repeated provocations since Hamas landslide success in the Palestinian legislative elections.

The Brotherhood’s deputy leader indicated that these aggressions prove that Israel makes up pretexts to practice savage mascaras against Palestinians and to adopt the policy of targeted assassination against Hamas leaders. He, moreover, asserted that the Israeli raid on Jericho Jail will create further tension in Palestine.