• MB News
  • March 17, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Brotherhood Demands Immediate Release of BBC’s Alan Johnston

The Muslim Brotherhood demands kidnapers to free Alan Johnston.

Dr. Mohamed Habib, the deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, denounced the kidnapping of BBC reporter Alan Johnston by gunmen while he was doing his work in Gaza Strip.
Habib said that these despicable acts aim at causing a state of confusion and fear among foreigners living in Gaza Strip, especially journalists, which will make it harder for them to show the tragic reality and suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation, and distort the image of the Palestinian government led by Hamas. He added that these actions may undermine the resistance of the Palestinian people who are struggling for their rights.

Accordingly, the Muslim Brotherhood demands the kidnappers to release journalist Alan Johnston immediately and unconditionally without harming him 

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