Brotherhood Demonstrations Support Syrian Revolution; Reject Iran, Hezbullah Interference

Brotherhood Demonstrations Support Syrian Revolution; Reject Iran, Hezbullah Interference

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members in Ismailia came out in a demonstration rally, after Friday prayers (May 31), in solidarity with the Syrian people, attended by members of the administrative office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Ismailia, and many of the group’s youths and women.

In Suez, too, the Brotherhood organized three symbolic rallies, after Friday prayers, in front of ‘Anas Ibn Malik’ mosque in Faisal district, outside the ‘Jameia Sharia’ mosque in Arbaein neighborhood, and outside the ‘Jameia Sharia’ mosque in Ganayen district, all in coordination with the Bayt Al-Aeyla Association.

Participants called on everyone to strongly condemn foreign intervention in Syria, including Iranian involvement. They stressed their rejection of Lebanese Hezbullah militias killing Syrian people in Al-Qusayer and other cities.

Meanwhile, in a mass demonstration in Egypt’s port city of Alexandria, the Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman said, "Despite Muslim Brotherhood members’ preoccupation with extensive efforts to build postrevolution Egypt, and with daily communication with citizens in all regions of Alexandria, in an attempt to resolve various crises and citizens’ daily problems, the Brotherhood continues to provide more support and assistance to the Syrian revolution."

Furthermore, Sharqiya province Brotherhood members came out in mass demonstrations in Fakous, saying that Bashar Al-Assad never used a single bullet against the Zionist occupier, and that Assad’s regime is indeed a strategic treasure for Israel, just like Egypt’s deposed Hosni Mubarak.