Brotherhood Denounces Alleged Meeting with Military-Appointed President’s Media Advisor

Brotherhood Denounces Alleged Meeting with Military-Appointed President’s Media Advisor

News agencies report that Ahmed Meslemani, media advisor to the putsch-appointed president, has sent a suspicious and absurd invitation to what they call a Muslim Brotherhood splinter group for a special meeting.

Perhaps not quite surprisingly, this comes at a time when Mrs. Catherine Ashton, Commissioner for External Relations of the European Union, is visiting Egypt. Media report that this meeting is meant to discuss an initiative regarding the future of the Muslim Brotherhood from which the so-called ‘splinter group’ is supposed to have defected.

With regard to this suspicious invitation, the Muslim Brotherhood affirms as follows:

1. The group remains undivided. Through its well-established institutions and legitimate leadership, it remains steadfast in the performance of its mission. There is no link at all and no relationship between the Brotherhood and those invitees.

Neither the host nor the invitees are party to the proposed issue. In fact, the group’s real youths have fully and effectively responded to this suspicious invitation, exposing its propaganda purposes through various media outlets.

It is worth mentioning that this conspiratorial method was used by successive military juntas earlier. It never achieved their objectives or purposes.

Attempts by certain quarters to falsely claim the existence of differences or splits in the Brotherhood are doomed to fail, just as many earlier similarly desperate attempts failed in the 85 years that have passed since the Muslim Brotherhood was founded.

2. This dubious invitation, made purely coincidently as Mrs. Ashton visits Egypt, is quite simply the illegitimate military regime’s attempt to make-believe that the fascist putschists are open to dialogue with Egypt’s political stakeholders, which is completely the opposite of reality attested by ongoing vicious and vindictive campaigns of arrests of coup opponents since the beginning of the coup against the country’s legitimate regime.

3. The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms that it will not back down, and that – together with all national and patriotic parties and movements, as well as the masses of the Egyptian people – the group will continue to demand an end to the fascist military coup and the return of legitimacy: reinstatement of Mohamed Morsi, the elected President – abducted by the coup commanders, to office, reinstatement of the elected Upper House (Shura Council) and the Constitution approved by the people in a most credible referendum.

The Brotherhood remains true to its covenant with God, committed to its pledge to the honorable Egyptian people.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Ahmed

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General

Cairo: October 1, 2013