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  • January 23, 2010
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Brotherhood Elections, Arrests

Brotherhood Elections, Arrests

Dr. Muhammad Badi’ is the new Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to an announcement made by his predecessor during a news conference on January 16.  Dr. Badi’ is a 67 year old pathologist, who served nearly a decade in prison after being convicted in the same 1965 case as renowned Brotherhood militant Sayyid Qutb. He replaces Mahdi Akef, who held the post for five years and retired voluntarily at age 80. The internal election process has been fraught with controversy, with some Brotherhood members preferring to defer elections for several months. Click here for more in Arabic.

In his first press conference, the new Supreme Guide stressed the importance of dialogue and participation, rejected acts of violence, and said that the Brotherhood was not an adversary of the government. Click here for the full speech in Arabic.

The Brotherhood also elected a new 16-member Guidance Bureau on December 21. Reformist Essam al-Arian was among those elected, following controversies about Supreme Guide Mahdi Akef’s previous unsuccessful attempts to appoint him to a vacancy. Click here for a full list of members in Arabic.

Egyptian authorities arrested ten members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kafr al-Sheik on December 5. Brotherhood Secretary General Mahmoud Ezzat said that those arrested had not yet been charged, and that Egyptian authorities are currently detaining 227 Muslim Brothers. Click here for more in Arabic.