Brotherhood Fears New Security Oppression

Sources of the Muslim Brotherhood expected the regime to step up security oppression against the group, on the wake of its opposition of the decision to postpone municipal elections and linking it to the plot of power inheritance. The indications can be seen in the arrest of Hassen el-Hayawan of the Brotherhood who was referred to the Higher Court of the Stat Security. Few days ago, security forces, in addition, abducted 25 of the group’s members in Blbas City of el-Sharqia government.
On his part, the Brotherhood’s deputy leader Muhammad Habeeb asserted that the arrests p followed the group’s recent activities. The Brotherhood protested the defaming caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, and refused the idea of power inheritance. In the parliament, the Brotherhood’s MPs lodged a serial of questions concerning critical issues and opposed the decision to defer municipal elections for two years. Accordingly, the government measures intend to hinder the group’s performance in and outside the legislature.
Habeeb labeled the latest arrests and abductions a ’backsliding’ of the regime attitude towards opposition. He expected the coming days to see severe security retaliatory actions against the group’s members, especially after the police brutal approach toward the recent demonstration of Kefiya Movement surrounding the headquarters of the Attorney General. The opposition movement Kefiya, enough in Arabic, requested the owner of the doomed al-Salaam Ferry to appear before court. During the protest, security forces attacked a number of activists and harassed three female demonstrators.