Brotherhood Hopeful Libyan Protestors Will Succeed if No Foreign Interference

Brotherhood Hopeful Libyan Protestors Will Succeed if No Foreign Interference

The Muslim Brotherhood has requested that the Arab League and Arab countries intervene in Libya to end the crisis, but at the same time, it warns the West not to interfere in Libya’s affairs.

The Brotherhood is organizing humanitarian assistance to Libya’s anti-government protesters, who are demanding that their leader Moammar Gadhafi, step down and cede power.

Libya, like Egypt, is struggling to attain democracy in a nation that has been ruled oppressively for decades. The Brotherhood hopes that if the Arab League provides help to the Libyan people and intervenes, this would prevent any international or foreign interference in Arab affairs.

The situation in Libya is similar to what happened in Iraq, except that after international interference the whole of Iraq was destroyed.

While the Brotherhood calls for no international interference in Libya, the US is having talks with its NATO partners and other allies about military options for dealing with Libya. The United Nations is considering a number of options, including the imposition of a “no-fly zone” to force Gadhafi’s regime to stop “killing its own people.” The international community has approved UN sanctions authorizing an arms embargo and asset freeze against the Libyan regime.

The Brotherhood reiterates that interference from beyond the Arab world is motivated by interest and that Arabs are better equipped to help each other, especially as democracy sweeps over the Muslim world and the Arab League is the most fit to represent the people and that if they remain silent this unity will dissolve.