Brotherhood Military Trial Adjourned to July 15th

The military tribunal for the 33 Muslim Brotherhood leaders has been adjourned to July 15th

The Egyptian security services denied all media outlets access to the court to cover the military court. Also denied access were international observers and human rights organizations.
The military court rejected the defence motion to release on bail engineer Khairat Al-Shater and the other MB leaders pending their trial.
For his part, Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, the defence team coordinator, told Ikhwanweb that adjourning the session was expected. The MB lawyer expected also that the court measures will take a longer time .
Abdul Maqsood condemned the security police for preventing foreign lawyers and representatives from the human rights groups from entering the court to observe the trial’s preceedings. Abdul Maqsood considered this reaction a disgrace and further damages Egypt’s reputation.

Among those who were denied access to the court building, Amnesty International delegation, in addition to foreign members of the defence team including former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Canadian Faisal Kotli , Haitham Mannaa Vice President of the Arab Organization for Human Rights and Fikrat Krabk Maz from Turkey.

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