Brotherhood MP: Gov’t Policy Will Place All Egyptians Under Poverty Line

Brotherhood MP: Gov’t Policy Will Place All Egyptians Under Poverty Line

Mosa Ghanoum (Muslim Brotherhood MP) warned in a parliament session that the current government’s policies will place all the Egyptian people under poverty line.

He criticized the regime’s decision of raising prices immediately after promises of pay raise.

In a statement to the bloc’s official website, Ghanoum said “Egyptians are outraged over the government’s violations of people’s right. The latest decision represents a green light to any individual who has a product to sell to manipulate prices without restrictions”


“The government should realize that Egyptians are patient by nature. But with such blatant injustice, we fear the people’s frustration will lead to a revolution against poverty, which no body can prevent.”

France Press has described the Egyptian government status after price hikes stating that it would face the vortex of social explosion and uncontrollable inflation. And said that Mubarak’s sudden decision of 30% pay raise seen as a counter- May 4 strike measure. The report said that pay raise decision leads to uncontrollable inflation that mounted to 15.8% during last March due to food price hikes.

AFP added that World Food Program reported price hikes in Egypt mounted 50% since the outset of this year and that lack of the subsidized bread increases the popular discontent in Egypt that experience drastic inequality, since 44% of the population live under poverty line on two dollars a day.