Brotherhood MP: Interior Ministry Misleads the Public

Brotherhood MP: Interior Ministry Misleads the Public

Dr. Hamdi Hasan (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) has called on the Interior Ministry to reconsider its swift and uncogent statements released in the awake of Shura Council blaze.

In a statement to the bloc”s website, he stated “I don”t trust the Interior”s statements since get it used to evasion same like describing the forged elections and referendums as fair and honest. Given that well- known and clear events are being deluded, how can we trust vague and haze ones”.

He added that the interior tries to pretty up the careless and poor performance of the government and to expressly end all means media might utilize against the regime. He indicated that the government should be held responsible for the death of more than 1300 Egyptians in the ferry disaster as well as for the blaze that tore through the historical building of the Egyptian Parliament. He said such incidents mirror the poor and dismaying performance of the government.

The Interior Ministry has released a statement Tuesday 8/19/2008 ruling out criminal reasons and said it broke out due to maintenance works that began last July.

“The blaze was promptly put out using the most modern techniques of the fire engines and helicopters. However, the wooden floors fuelled the fire along with the flammable materials used in maintenance” the Ministry officials said in a statement.

The statement indicated that nine firemen were injured and moved to the hospital as well as other four employers at the council who were swiftly rescued.

Further, the interior statement added that the fire was extinguished using 55 fire engines, two hydraulic stairs, 15 armed forces fire engines, three helicopters, 13 water trucks, as well as other six vehicles and reservoirs belonging to petroleum sector.