Brotherhood MPs Condemn Barring Candidate From Seeking Vacant Seat

Brotherhood MPs Condemn Barring Candidate From Seeking Vacant Seat

The Egyptian regime continues it irresponsible practices against the constitution that add fuel to public discontent and diminish all hopes of reform and development.

The Egyptian government has barred all non-NDP candidates (including MB dr. Mustafa Diab) from registering their papers to fill in for late Sheikh Maher Akl at Kafr Saqr constituency in Shraqiya governorate.

The misleading policies, tyranny, corruption, and backwardness have prevailed at all levels. Although the regime constantly brags about freedom, democracy, fair elections, and peaceful circulation of power, it excludes all political and national forces from political participation.

This is the normal output of a regime that neglects health care, manipulates prices, and messes with people”s destinies. The Egyptian youth dream of leaving the country to escape persecution and low living standards. We all wonder who will possibly benefit from that?!

If the regime, fortified by its security apparatus, insists on monopolizing political life, it will absolutely bring the country to a burning point. Through their limited number of candidates in the People’s Assembly, The Muslim Brotherhood and other sincere forces have tried to participate in combating corruption that has prevailed in all the state”s institutions. However, the ruling NDP is intent on excluding us through its outrageous escalation.

We warn against the consequences of people”s discontent if the government does not address their demands. We call upon all honest voices to swiftly take steps against such blatant violation of the constitution.

Finally we emphasize that these procedures are not in the country’s interest and represent an indication of the regime”s blatant failure to reform.

We also repeat that the Muslim Brotherhood will never refrain from their peaceful struggle for reform regardless of the sacrifices.

MB Parliamentary Bloc in Shraqiya Governorate